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Virginia Abandoned Cabin

I live in WV but the cabin is actually in VA so this is a shot to show most of the (expected) area - wide open roads, fields, and mountain ranges. :haw:

Now to get to the road that leads up to the cabin, you have to cross a creek. This isn't going to happen with my beast of a car and I like the walk.
This is a picture from the other side of it. It doesn't look so bad but that middle part is probably a good 2 or 3 feet deep.

The underlining shows the seriousness :q:

You can't really tell because of the picture angle and the leaves but you could probably reenact WW1 battles in these washed out trenches all along the road

Recent litterers :argh: (probably the power company/contractors - more on that later)

A creepy place. The door was open the last time I was here (~2 weeks) and me and a friend checked it out and it had some weird stuff and normal stuff in it. A lot of electronic type stuff (TV, microwave, fridge) but as far as we could tell there was no source of power to the place. I'm pretty sure only squatters/hunters would stay here as it was wrecked pretty bad. There was a back room but it was too dark and we couldn't see in it at all and had no flashlight.

Oh, and the kicker? There is no door knob so the door was tied against the building with the power cord that went to the TV.

I love the way the curtain is open for peeking as well.

So inviting... or is it? :raise:

Halfway up the trail some birds started circling me overhead in a sort of open area.

One of my favorite things about the places up here. I have no idea how popular it is elsewhere but I guess the cool thing back in the late 80's-early 90's
was to just buy an unused school bus and use it as a place to stay. We had two connected to our camp until my grandfather finally decided to just build another area and a porch.

Here we see - the Blue Goose! Oddly enough it has a recent lock on it despite being a place I would not even want to go into.

This guy takes his shit very seriously and uses two signs to ward off :ph: and people like me from his most likely never used property.

What's that in the distance... home sweet home

Right across from my place - a good story about this. The power company is bringing up power to a few more places up in here and my grandfather is getting our cabin hooked up. The power company decides to hire a contractor to do the clearing work. The contractor ends up taking the shortest route up to our place through some guy's property and they also make it it like 60-80 feet wide :lol: The power company ended up paying the guy 3 grand or so and also will be replanting the area. The power company is currently doing the work themselves now. At an agonizingly slow rate I might add.

We still employ our 20 year old gate that works just fine.

Up to the cabin and irony.

No cabin is complete without a cow head and a silent hill 2 hole I guess.

One of the best things about the area we own. A little stream with useable water and a place to hunt means you could live out here if you really wanted to rough it :clint: 2nd picture shows the buses we used to use and the cabin's distance from the stream.

Ok.. back to the inside of our luxurious cabin. I was amazed at how clean it still is when I first came back here a month or so ago. I hadn't been here but once in the past 3 or 4 years since last month.

Main room


I found this still on the wall. I was raised like any normal kid!

This has seen more games than a deck of cards should. I remember using this as a kid.

The saddest part of the day :smith:

Random shots


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