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Welcome to the Renaissance Faire.

All credit goes to

Sergeant Zeno

Welcome to the Renaissance Faire.

Off of a back highway you can see this sign:

After hopping a gate and making my way a few hundred yards down an overgrown driveway, I find this:

I knew that I was trespassing and was a little leary of local police. I was more leary of rabid dogs and homeless freaks hiding out here. I packed my camera,

a bottle of water, and a .45 automatic.

I made my way up the back stairs into a few buildings and took a few pictures. I was a little surprised to find furniture there.

Towards the back of the 249 acres, I found that most of the buildings were overgrown with greenery. It was a really relaxing setting, and I snapped about a

hundred photographs. I'll try to only post the best ones here (before the bandwidth dies). These are some images inside and out from the buildings.

The Thing on the Windowsill

Moving on, I became more paranoid. Creeping around corners where homeless folks had possibly made their homes kinda put me on edge. I was fingering the butt

of my pistol in my back pocket as I snuck around those corners. My antsiness grew as I slipped through the undergrowth.

Being alone here made me feel at peace, and like I was stirring up the dust in a ghost town. I cannot describe the feeling. You have to actually go out and

be alone in a place where no one had kept it up for 8 years. It was a nice day yesterday, so I was able to enjoy it.

Look closely to see why I took this photo:

PICTURE OF THE GRASS. Click on the link if you can't figure it out.

In this photograph, you will see a visitor (a guardian angel) who monitored my presence the whole time. You will see more of her later.

In this photograph, you will see a visitor (a guardian angel) who monitored my presence the whole time. You will see more of her later.

Here she is in all her glory. I must have been a serious disruption to her day. She was following me the whole time and made sure to keep an eye on me.

Moving on towards the extreme back of the renfair grounds, this made me wonder what I would found. There was an old bicycle. It was rather rusty.

This catapult had an axle and large springs mounted inside. It might have actually worked at one point.

In the stables I found these two shields lying on the ground.

This room was utterly pitch black, and I didn't see this picture until I got home.

For some reason, at this point, my paranoia reached its height. I imagined sounds of movement in the woods and of dogs stalking me. Perhaps I have an

overactive imagination. I don't know. I pressed on and explored everything, knowing I probably would not get a chance to come back and do this again.

More buildings.

A dumbwaiter.

Tickets for 1997 anyone?

I am outta here. Next weekend I will probably see you as I drive down Route 3 towards King George. Until then, au revoir.

I did call the number on the board and found out that they want $1.5 million for the fairgrounds.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Everything is pretty much self-explanatory, I think.


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