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West Virginia Abandoned House

This house was next to a hotel where I stayed in West Virginia. Judging by the architecture, I'm guessing it was built in the 1930s. I wonder what the inside of this house smells like since it's so old. That intrigues me. It had a "for sale" sign in the yard. I wonder who would buy it? Muahahahaha!

I think eves over windows are super creepy -- like eyelids over the house's eyes. I think eves were from the days when there was no air conditioning and they kept the rain from blowing into an open window and kept direct sunlight out of a room. Moldy, rotting, canvas eves are creepy to me, but these eves were in decent condition.

I would like to visit this basement and look out the window from the inside. Windows placed that low to the ground give me the creeps. I think foods canned in Mason jars was stored there based on the farming culture back in that time.

Assymetrical architecture gives it a foreboding look: a large window to the left -- the front door is off center, then a small window to the immediate right. Rotting roofbeam.

The tree greens overwhelm one side of the house. Maybe one day it will cover up the entire house and have it under its possession!

The classic American pink cadillac abandoned in a junk graveyard.

The epitome of refuse.

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