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Abandoned BOMARC
Missile Base

The worst nuclear accident in the United States prior to
Three Mile Island

Location: Route 539, Plumstead Township, Ocean County, NJ

    The site was the scene of one of the worst nuclear accidents in United States history that the public knows about. The BOMARC site, located on Route 539, was a Cold War air-defense site that operated from 1960 to 1972. A June 7, 1960, fire in a missile shelter melted the nuclear warhead on one missile, and plutonium from the warhead core was flushed out of the concrete enclosure with firefighting water.



    The more recent rumored conspiracy theory deals with the cancer clusters in Toms River even though that is miles away from the site. It is not that far fetched that the plutonium-tainted soil is leaking into the ground and contaminating the drinking water in the area. There are test wells on the property as well as off the property all visible from Rt. 539. According to articles in the local newspapers the plutonium has not moved far from the site of the original accident according to the government. According to government published reports the contamination goes down 20 feet and the water table is 50 feet.


This shows the lane around the fence, with fresh tire marks. You can also see the fence to the right and some of the buildings.


More information on BOMARC missiles:

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