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1661 - Abandoned/Demolished (3 Links Inside)

Abandoned Bank and Shopping Center - Abandoned

Abandoned BOMARC - Abandoned

Abandoned Campground in Toms River NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned Fairfield Complex - Abandoned

Abandoned Farm Near Layton NJ - Tocks Island Dam Project Victim- Abandoned

 Abandoned Former U.S. Army Office Building Located in Tinton Falls, Monmouth County,NJ (CECOM)  - Demolished

Abandoned Gas Station - Abandoned

Abandoned Hackensack Oil Field- Abandoned

Abandoned Hotel in AC - Abandoned

Abandoned Inn - Abandoned

Abandoned Lake in West Milford - Abandoned

Abandoned Lounge - Abandoned & Arson

Abandoned Motel in AC - Abandoned

Abandoned Office Complex- Abandoned

Abandoned Plastic Factory in Hillside NJ- Abandoned

Abandoned Police Station- Abandoned

Abandoned Silo in South Toms River - Abandoned

Abandoned Something in Fairfield NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned Warehouse Phillipsburg, NJ - Abandoned

AC Church and Rec Center - Abandoned

Admiral Farragut Academy - Demolished

Amloid Plastics Saddle Brook NJ - Abandoned

AO Polymer Corporation Sparta, NJ - Demolished

Arnold Warehouse - Abandoned

Atlas Concrete Factory - Abandoned

Atrium Of Wayne - Abandoned

Bayley-Ellard Catholic High School - Abandoned

Bethlehem Loading Company - Abandoned

Bloomingdale DPW - Abandoned (2 Links Inside)

Blunt House Wayne, NJ - Abandoned AKA RED FOX INN

Brewable - Abandoned

Brooksbrae Brick Factory, Manchester, NJ - Abandoned

Brookside Home Page - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Buhler Mansion, New Jersey - Abandoned

Burnt Nursing Home - Abandoned

Cedar Grove Residential Center Home Page - Demolished (2 Links Inside)

Cherry Croft Inn - Abandoned

Clayton House Saddle Brook NJ - Abandoned

Clayton Concrete Factory Saddle Brook NJ - Abandoned

Colloid Chemical - Demolished

Devil's Factory - Abandoned

Devil's Tower - Abandoned


Devil's Tower in Alpine, NJ - Abandoned

Egg Farm - Abandoned

Elizabeth Warehouse - Abandoned

Fairfield Water Works - Abandoned

Fish Factory on the Great Bay - Abandoned

Franklin Lakes Warehouse - Abandoned

Garret Castle - Abandoned

Girl Scout Pond - Abandoned

Glen Ridge Warehouse - Abandoned

Golf Worx - Abandoned

Greenpond MV Building - Abandoned

Hacketstown Slaughterhouse - Abandoned

Heritage Minerals - Demolished

Hilltop Care Center - Demolished (9 Links Inside)

Hopewell NJ Station Tracks - Abandoned

Huffman Koos - Abandoned

IHOP - Abandoned

JT's Fun Zone - Demolished

Junior High - Abandoned

Kinnelon Castle - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Lake Denmark Church (Satanic Church) - Abandoned

Lambertville High School - Demolished

Last Exit in Jersey - Abandoned

Light House and Ammunition Area - Abandoned

Long Pond Iron Works - Historical (1 Link Inside)

Macopin Club House - Abandoned

Mahwah Houses - Abandoned


Mahwah School Of Dance - Abandoned

Mahwah Suicide Building and Burial Ground - Abandoned

Mayslanding Brick Company, NJ - Abandoned

Millburn Water Works - Demolished

Mohawk Industries - Abandoned

Morning Star Motel - Abandoned

Mother's Night Club - Burned Down (2 Links Inside)

Niagra Swim Club, NJ - Abandoned

Nike Missile Base - Abandoned

Nike Missile Base Livingston - Re-Purposed (Now Riker Hill Art Park)

Old Mill Beach - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Old Summer Camp - Abandoned

Oradell Water Works - Abandoned

Pabst Brewery - Demolished (2 Links Inside)

Pemberton RR Station NJ- Abandoned

Pinebrook Warehouse - Abandoned

Residential High Rise - Abandoned

Ringwood Manor - Historical (1 Link Inside)

Rio Grande Cement - Abandoned

Robbie's Music World - Abandoned

Roebling Steel - Demolished (1 Link Inside)

Route 15 Gas Station - Abandoned

Route 15 Silo - Abandoned

Route 17 Motel and Lobster Barn - Abandoned

Route 46 Warehouse - Abandoned

Route 94 Barn - Abandoned

Route 94 House - Abandoned

Skyline Drive Castle - Abandoned

Slaters Mill - Abandoned

South Middle School NJ - Abandoned

South Orange Kennel - Abandoned

South Orange Water Works - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Standard Flares - Abandoned

Stephen State Park, Tranquility Allamuchy (Stuyvesant/Rutherford Estate)  - Abandoned

Susquehanna Station - Abandoned

Testing Laboratory - Abandoned

The Estellville Glassworks Factory in Estell Manor, NJ - Abandoned

The GAF Power Plant in Gloucester City, NJ- Abandoned

Tilcon in Hackensack - Abandoned

Tranquility Steak and Ale - Abandoned

Unfinished Office - Abandoned

Union Blvd Warehouse - Abandoned

Upsala College - Demolished (1 Link Inside)

Victorian Gardens - Abandoned

Walker Poroswall Concrete Company - Demolished

Wallington Warehouse - Abandoned

Walpack Center - Abandoned

Wayne Hotel - Abandoned

Wayne Manor - Abandoned/Demolished (7 Links Inside)

Wayne Water Works - Abandoned

Welsh Farms NJ - Demolished

West Orange Building - Abandoned

Ye Olde Yorke Inn - Abandoned

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