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Associated Testing Laboratory

What really sucks about the township this demolished building was located in is this. When the building finally made it into historical preservation they demolished it. They paid a hefty fine for it and so did the tax payers of the local municipality. These pictures located below where taken about or during the demolition. Now the site sits vacant with a promise of a park and various other promises from the township that has so far never come true. Instead they built a huge man made lake to control flooding and go figure it has just made the flooding worse. Maybe we should have just left the building and the hundreds of acres of land alone and not built the dam so the local residence tell me at ABNF. Only time will tell if this area becomes abandoned and run down due to increasing floods.


WOOW Radio Voice of America transmitting station

Ryerson Avenue (west end)

Demolished in 1996


The History of Voice of America a.k.a Associated Testing


        During World War II the Voice of  America broadcasts to Europe originated from a quiet spot in a marsh on the west end of Vincent Avenue in Old Wayne. Few communities had a high enough tower and powerful enough transmitter to cross the ocean. But guess what Wayne did. It was a 665' tower with a 50,000n watt radio that the community was outraged about they claimed that it infringed on their freedom.

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