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Oradell Water Works 


I first came across this place by accident a long time ago, but wasn't ever sure if it was really abandoned because of its good condition. Eventually I forgot about it, but recently while out in the area for something else, my friend Rick pointed it out again and I had previously heard more about the place noting it was indeed abandoned, so in we went. An open back door made access easy, and the inside of the place was huge. The oddest bit of the place was not only did it still have electricity, but also the rooms still had lights switched on which gave the darkness an even deeper feel next to a brightly lit room.
 Large machines and pipes ran all across the area, levels down into the darkness, rafters above, the place was very great. In a few areas, we both swore we could hear music, squatters maybe, or sounds from outside the building? I tend not to assume right off it was ghostly bands playing. Regardless, it was a good place, creepy and cool.

The building is now is being worked on to conserve it. Here's more on that.

 Hi, and thanks for having such a great site!  

    Especially in these times there are very few that are working to keep all this history.  

    One example that I'm particularly biased about is Oradell Water Works.  Your website (even better than the Conservancy's site) shows what a special and historic location this is.  It's the only place on the internet that shows all that glory on one long page of pics.  Thanks!

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