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Egg Farm

"Hello, I love your site and would like to submit a location in New Jersey. Here's the description and photos are attached. Thanks!

Egg Farm

The property is quite large, complete with two (yes 2) 2 story houses, multiple rows of old chicken coupes, a small guest house, a shed and a garage. Every building on the property is open and heavily vandalized, though some buildings are hard to get into due to overgrowth.

There is a TON of random stuff in and around the buildings including trash, clothes, toys, tires, condoms, car parts, glass, a boat, old carpet, furniture and just about anything else you could think of. LOTS to see on this property, the weirdest of which (from what we saw) was a mountainous pile (literally thousands) of old VHS tapes in one room of one the chicken coupes and an unusually large collection of children's toys scattered everywhere. One of the sections of chicken coupe has been recently swept and cleaned out. We think someone was trying to convert the section into a hidden indoor skate park or bike park, ideal on the concrete floors.

It's obvious that bums (and whoever else) currently live there, the chicken coupes are like endless rows of homeless dormitories, but we didn't see anybody when we went during the day. This place would be too intense and unmanageable at night. There IS NOT, however, a single no trespassing sign ANYWHERE. Not one.

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when exploring this property. On top of the usual menu of dangers associated with exploring abandoned sites (broken glass, derelict buildings, rusty nails, sinkholes etc etc), the property is quite large and you never know who will be there (or squats there) when you arrive.

The Layout:

The south side of the property is where most people would enter from the street.  This area has the main house, the guest house, the garage, 3 rows of chicken coupes, the skate/bike park, the tire farm and a small shed behind the main house. All of which are open and explorable, as long as the garbage/foliage isn't too thick. If you keep walking back into the woods once you hit the tires, there are even more piles of clothes, tires, toys, old plumbing etc etc.

The middle of the property is a long, empty area, connected by a car-size path.

The north side of the property holds a 2 story house which is almost inaccessible without a machete to cut through the growth. You will also find 2 rows of chicken coupes here, one of which is only accessible by going through a hole in the back wall of the other. This is where the boat and VHS mountain are."


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