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Abandoned  U.S. Army office building located in Tinton Falls, Monmouth County, NJ

All Credit goes to Legion


This monstrous, formerly utilitarian office building owned by the U.S Army is known as CECOM, which was the central communications center for the Army. Sitting directly at the intersection of Tinton Avenue and Wayside Road, the building's size is striking even from a distance. It can even be seen from the Garden State Parkway, and sits alone, surrounded by a fence, on a large parcel of decaying asphalt. Since the building was abandoned in the late 90s, it has been left to endure the elements and vandals, and has been a source of some controversy. Apparently the building was sold to a private realtor from Brooklyn, NY and there was suspicion that a former member of the local town council was involved in getting a "deal" for this "partner" from NY. Also, there is a nearby privately owned property that would most likely be taken with eminent domain (a sore and common issue here in New Jersey) should the CECOM building and surrounding acreage be turned into something useful, the most likely of which is a housing complex for people aged 55 and over. However, it seems the fate of the building is in legal limbo, given some sort of litigation stemming I believe from the supposed "deal" that placed the property in the hands of the NY realtor. The place is considered an eyesore by the township, and is also "costing" the township money in potential tax revenue. Lastly, it is patrolled by police (there was a recent arrest there), so explorers tread lightly.


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