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AKA The Blunt House Wayne, NJ

Formally the Red Fox Inn


It is sad to see this great place in the shape it is in. But I wonder why did the owners leave all the bottles of alcohol of various kinds just sitting around? What amazes me is the person who sent these pictures in describes how he/she was able to drink in this place because when it was abandoned they left the alcohol there. In a recent e-mail from the township I was told there are no more beverages ETC in the place but I guess the people who explored it in the past might have had a drink or two. And in a recent picture sent in the place still looks the same but has a for sale sign on the lawn. I am advised to state if you explore the place you will get in trouble but the place does not even have a lock on the door so go figure. In another recent e-mail it was described to me as a place to chill and relax when you want to have parties with friends. That was in 08 but time will tell what happened to it but we will always miss the Red Fox Inn.


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