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Brookside Nursing Home

Brookside was a place where older people went when they got sick. Problem was lack of elevators and proper medical equipment for the elderly. But when it was abandoned the owners or owner decided it was not in their interest to lock up the former residents files. Over the years the files have been picked at and I am sure some where taken and identity theft probably happened. In 08 the place was demolished but nothing has been built on the site yet. In a photo sent into ABNF it shows files of patient records on a chair. We at ABNF are sad to see this historical place be demolished and we just hope the land does not become a dumping ground like allot of other sites.

Brookside Nursing Home Inside

This picture was taken on the top floor and shows how badly this place has deteriorated over the years. So if anyone does explore this place be very careful and watch out for the falling ceilings.

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