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Cedar Grove Residential Center

We at ABNF where sad to see this place be demolished but at least the land was used for something good. What amazed us is how easy it was to get into this place as stated in e-mails of the past. Next to the place is some kind off police training center for the state and mainly viewers said they just parked there and asked local people from the facility if they can explore the abandoned place. Well judging by the pictures sent in and various on the web many people got in. This place did leave medical records and allot of personal belongings on the property. In fact as noted but a fellow explorer the police allowed access to anyone who could provide information that someone they new was there in the past. But as they did in the past everyone who wanted in got in. If it was illegal to enter the site and it was located next to a police training center why did they just say yeah have fun.

Cedar Grove Residential Center Inside          Cedar Grove Residential Center Outside

RIP CGRC 9/2005

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