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Devil's Tower in Alpine NJ

Devil's Tower


The streets true name building is "The Esplanade", incorrectly listed as "Esplanade Road", so in searching maps for it, a simple error made it very hard to find till I figured it out just last night, so today I made the trip.

It was a very strange site to see, set in this very posh neighborhood surrounded by enormous expensive homes, stands this relic tower. Its in wonderful condition, no doubt kept up by locals, but unfortunately the entries accessible from the ground have been cemented shut, so unless you climb I couldn't see any access. I tried to get a couple different angles to show it off a bit more. approx. 40 feet by 24 feet, and I estimate at the peak, 9 to 10 feet high. The only access to the building oddly is the roof. No doors or windows, just two square holes about 2 feet across on each end of the roof.

There is no ladder to the roof, so its a bit of a scramble up (as you can see the third picture is my quick-made access ramp up top) and only one hole has a ladder about half way down, so its also a bit of a hop down. Inside is empty, save for some old cans of spray paint and a lot of graffiti, though it lacks much of the satanic toned art most places have.


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