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Pabst Brewery Redevelopment - Redevelopment Across Borders
City of Newark and Township of Irvington, Essex County

Not all redevelopment sites stop at the municipal border. For that reason, the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law permits towns to engage in inter-municipal redevelopment planning. The City of Newark and Irvington Township recently took advantage of that provision and came together to create a joint redevelopment plan for the vacant Pabst Brewery and surrounding neighborhoods that straddle the municipal border near Exit 144 of the Garden State Parkway.

The redevelopment of the Pabst Brewery posed several unusual planning problems. In addition to the challenges posed by its inter-municipal border, significant remediation issues as well as several structurally unsound buildings further complicate the redevelopment of the site. Given these unique circumstances, both Newark and Irvington realized that each had a significant role and interest in the redevelopment of the Pabst site. To achieve success, both municipalities had to cooperate in the redevelopment of the area. Neither could do it alone.

Using a loan from the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, the two municipalities hired a consulting team to study the environmental, structural, transportation, and design issues facing the project. The project also involved community meetings to gather input from residents in both Newark and Irvington, information that was fed into the final report, the Pabst Brewery Redevelopment Report and Action Plan.

The Plan proposes the demolition and remediation of the Pabst site and the creation of a new 35,000 square foot market on South Orange Avenue, along with 16,000 square feet of mixed-use development, additional retail uses, senior apartments, and a new police station. The plan also proposes the rehabilitation of existing residential and commercial properties off-site but within the larger redevelopment area; streetscape improvements such as new lighting, landscaping, street reconstruction; as well as new residential housing units.

Working together, Newark and Irvington have developed a redevelopment plan that articulates a joint community vision for the area, in a way that separate redevelopment planning efforts could not have achieved. Memorandum of Agreement and an inter-local services agreement to implement the plan will be developed between the two municipalities. Once the agreements are signed, each municipality can proceed with redevelopment designation and formal adoption of the redevelopment plan.

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