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Abandoned Slaughterhouse in PA


Around a year or so ago I was told of an abandoned slaughterhouse which was near my summer home. I didn't believe it at first because no one ever mentioned it to me during my 22 some years of living (and going to this summer home for the uh..summer). So I was quite shocked when my cousin drove me up there and we explored it for the first time. We've had many subsequent visits but this one is always the most memorable for us.

Most of the place was pitch black and was only lit when I used the camera for a split second. The stairs leading to the lower levels were the scariest, as my maglite died on us in there and we were in 100% darkness. The steps were littered with debris as well so it was quite nerve racking. It seems the place was heavily damaged in a fire before its closure and my grandparents say some of the workers died in it.

There's some bones of animals and parts of animals in the back area too. I should also mention that after this I contracted bronchitis and was ill with a 103 degree fever for a whole damn month (wow that sucked!). The yard off to the side contains barrels of unknown substances, I knocked one over though. Maybe that wasn't a smart idea in retrospect. There's a sewer system as well but almost all of the entry points are filled with cement. One isn't, but im not going down there! Im assuming the cage seen in the large open area is where they put the cattle before killing them. The place is being torn down now, its a shame. the place was really cool! Enjoy the pics!

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