Pennsylvania Pictures

Abandoned Auto Shop - Abandoned

Abandoned Barn and Shed - Abandoned

Abandoned Big Rig Truck - Weird

Abandoned Building NE Philly - Abandoned

Abandoned Cabin - Abandoned

Abandoned Cement Factory - Abandoned

Abandoned Disston Saw Works - Abandoned

Abandoned Fallen Factories Of North Philly - Abandoned

Abandoned Farmhouse - Abandoned

Abandoned Green House - Abandoned

Abandoned House - Abandoned

Abandoned House in Mechanicsburg PA - Abandoned

Abandoned Jail Columbia PA - Abandoned

Abandoned Mansion and Guest House Fire - Burned and Leveled

Abandoned Mansion and Guest House - Burned and Leveled

Abandoned Mansion and Guest House Part 2 (Aug 2012) - Burned and Leveled

Abandoned Mills - Abandoned

Abandoned Motel - Abandoned

Abandoned Motel in PA - Abandoned

Abandoned on Summer Street - Abandoned

Abandoned PA Warehouse - Abandoned

Abandoned Pier - Abandoned

Abandoned Raised Railroad - Abandoned

Abandoned Sections of the PA Turnpike - Abandoned

Abandoned Slaughterhouse in PA - Abandoned

Abandoned Train Pictures - Abandoned

Abandoned Train Station - Abandoned

Abandoned TV Tower - Abandoned

Alden Villa - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

Amalie Refinery in Northwestern Pennsylvania - Abandoned

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust - Abandoned

Assante's Hotel - Abandoned

Baptist Home for the Aged - Abandoned

Bedford Abandoned Building Pictures - Abandoned

Bethlehem Steel Mill - Abandoned

Beury Building, North Philly - Abandoned

Birdsboro - Abandoned

Bishop Tube Company

Blue Coal - Abandoned AKA Huber Coal Breaker (3 Links Inside)

Brewery - Abandoned

Buck Hill Inn PA - Abandoned

Burnt Out House in Blairsville PA - Abandoned

Bushkill Falls PA - Nature

Bushkill Park - Abandoned

Byberry AKA Philadelphia State Hospital - Abandoned (19 Links Inside Plus 31 Sub-Links)

Carbon County Prison - Historical

Carbon County Warehouse - Abandoned

Carpet Factory - Abandoned

Carrie Furnaces - Abandoned

Catharine Public School - Abandoned

Cemeteries - Historical (21 Links Inside)

Centralia - Abandoned (2 Links Inside)

Charming Forge - Abandoned

Christmas in PA 2012 - Cool

Codorus Furnace, PA - Abandoned

Coleman Barn - Abandoned

Collegeville, PA Old Farm - Abandoned

Columbia, PA Warehouse - Abandoned

Concrete City - Abandoned

Concrete Factory - Abandoned

Convalescent Home in Ransom - Abandoned

Croydon Apartments PA - Abandoned

Crystal Cave - Weird

Danville Hospital - Abandoned

Dayton St Graveyard - Haunted

Delaware Power Station - Abandoned

Devine Lorraine Hotel PA - Abandoned

Diner in Bristol - Abandoned

Dingman's Falls - Interesting

Dixmont State Hospital - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Doctors House - Abandoned

Donewith Industries, Abandoned PA - Abandoned

Drueding Brothers Building PA - Abandoned

Dutch's Tasty Freeze - Abandoned (with History and Updated With a New Picture 2013)

Eastern State Penitentiary - Historical (1 Link Inside)

Eden Hall - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Electric Building - Abandoned

Elementary School, North Philly, PA - Abandoned

Embreeville State Hospital PA - Abandoned

Farm House Allentown - Abandoned

First Baptist Church - Abandoned

Forest Furniture - Abandoned

Franklin Institute - Historical

Franklin Street Church - Abandoned

Frick's Lock - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

Ghost Mountain - Abandoned

Glass Factory, PA - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Haverford State Hospital - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

HexenKoph Road - Road

Highway 70_76 - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Historic Hotel, SE PA - Abandoned

Historic Philadelphia PA - Historical

Holmesburg Prison - Abandoned

Horseshoe Curve Altoona PA - Road

House in Wernersville PA - Abandoned

House Off of Kernsville Road - Abandoned

Hungarian Club - Abandoned

Indian Rock Park PA - Historical

Jersey Shore Steel - Abandoned

Jet Engine Testing Facility - Abandoned

Jewish Orphanage - Abandoned

Kendall Avenue - Abandoned

Knowlton Mansion PA - Historic

Lancaster County Mall - Abandoned

Lehigh Train Station - Abandoned

Linfield Industrial Park - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

Logan Theater - Abandoned

Longfellow Public School PA - Abandoned

Lost River Canyon - Historical

Lynnewood Hall - Abandoned

Magoo's Mansion PA - Abandoned

Mahanoy School - Abandoned

Medical Center - Abandoned

Medical Center Annex in Pennsylvania - Abandoned

Medical Center in Pennsylvania - Abandoned (5 Links Inside)

Mount Airy Lodge-Stricklands Resorts - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

Mount Sinai Hospital, PA - Abandoned

Mountain Lake Resorts - Abandoned

Norristown State Hospital - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

North Philadelphia High School - Abandoned

Northeastern Shipping Industries, PA - Abandoned

Oddest House in PA - Abandoned

Old Abandoned Train Tunnel Going to Jim Thorpe PA - Abandoned

Old Kentucky Tobacco- Broads Headville, PA - Abandoned

Old Railroad Trestle - Abandoned

Old York County Prison , PA - Abandoned

Open Roof Building - Abandoned

PA Renaissance Faire - Enjoyment

Pennhurst School and Hospital - Abandoned (32 Links Inside)

Philadelphia City Hall - Historical

Philadelphia Electric Company - Abandoned

Philadelphia Zoo - Nature

Phoenixville, PA Diner - Abandoned

Pine Grove - Abandoned

Pizza World - Abandoned

Poe House in PA - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Power Plant Pictures - Abandoned

Presser for Retired Musicians - Abandoned

Ransom Valley Cemetery and Church - Abandoned

Ray's Hill PA - Abandoned

Refrigerated Warehouse PA - Abandoned

Richmond Power Station PA - Abandoned

Ristorante Della Trattoria - Abandoned

Saint Beefs Church - Abandoned

School of Hard Knocks PA - Abandoned

Shack House PA - Abandoned

Shawnee Lancaster Resort - Abandoned (3 Links Inside)

Sideling Hill PA - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Silk Mill - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Sleighton School PA - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Sleighton Farm School PA - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Stafford Mansion - Abandoned

The Sterling Hotel - Will Be Demolished by End of Summer 2013 (1 Link Inside)

Suedberg Pa and Pine Grove - Abandoned

The Mill PA - Abandoned

Thomas Edison High School - Demolished

Train of Fools - Abandoned

TV House - Abandoned

Twin Tunnels, Downingtown - Abandoned

University of Pennsylvania - Historical

Uptown Theater PA - Abandoned

US Gypsum - Abandoned

US Navy Brig PA - Abandoned

Verree House - Abandoned

Wernersville State Hospital - Abandoned

West Philly Church - Abandoned

Willow Steam Plant PA - Abandoned

Witches House Remains - Abandoned

West Mountain Sanatorium - Abandoned (5 Links Inside)

York County Prison - Abandoned

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