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Abandoned Disston Saw Works

Along the Delaware waterfront in the Tacony section of Philadelphia are dozens of turn-of-the-century factory and warehouse buildings. To see them you would think it's a bombed-out no-man's land of abandoned brick buildings and burned shells, but no.
The oddest thing about these inner-city factory buildings... No matter how fucked up the entire building is, the first floor is almost ALWAYS occupied. I've seen them with four floors of missing windows and no roof, covered with tags, black soot running from burned window frames, etc.. and the first floor had brand-new steel roller doors, new vinyl windows, and a business sign over the new security door at the main entrance. Of the two-dozen or so reconned, only one was sufficiently fucked up as to have been abandoned. It looked like a chop-shop inside the steel-and-brick rear warehouse as there were about a half-dozen late-model cars in various stages of disassembly, a camper, a motorboat, and a motorless '65 Mustang. The yard was filled with car parts and pieces, and also had a few trucks, trailers and even a totally destroyed Winnebago.
I found out that this was the power plant for all of the surrounding factory buildings, all once part of the Disston Saw Works and Machine Shop, moved from Kensington in the 1850's. The facility was so huge, the workers built a neighborhood around it and named it Tacony. Up until that time, it was a "suburb" and all farmland.

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