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My family and I (4 generations to be exact) spent more than 3 decades during the summer enjoying this wonderful resort.  My grandparents started bringing their daughters here and it continued down to the great grandchildren. They started going in the 1950's and we stopped going in the late 1980's. We rented a small cottage at Newton's Run which because the Huffman's owned it, we were able to enjoy all the emanates of the hotel.  We meet many people from different states and became friends with much of the staff, as we were there every summer - from June until September.
We were so very sad when Huffman's had to sell it and from there it just went downhill - but it SHOULD NEVER have been demolished.
Since my grandfather died in 1989, I enjoyed taking a day trip every summer or fall just to go there and walk around and reminisce about our wonderful summers there.  Now that is no longer possible because there is no longer anything there.
 I will always cherish my memories of MOUNTAIN LAKE HOUSE - the years I spent there, the friends I made, and the wonderful times we had.

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