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Lehigh Train Station


From a fan on ABNF

Great site!  I stumbled across it just today.  I was particularly intrigued by your photos of the "Lehigh Station" in Pennsylvania.  I recognized this as the former Lehigh Valley Railroad's Passenger/Railway Express station in Easton, PA.  When were those photos taken?  The passenger station had been closed since Feb. 1961, and I was impressed that things were in as good a shape as they were.  I especially liked the shots of the stairs to the platforms above.  I was going to send the link to my father, who would have been in that station back when the passenger trains still ran that line.  But before I did, I wanted to know when the photos were taken.
Also, I appreciate that someone had the balls to go in and take photos.  I grew up in Bethlehem.  On several occasions as a kid, I went to the Lehigh Valley's former station there with the intention of exploring the inside.

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