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Hexenkoph Road

Hex Rock. Cursed rock said to glow in the moonlight. “Hexenkopf Rock”, Hexekopf Road, Easton “History of Northampton County” written in 1877…"Among these is one known for a century and a - half, as the Hexen Kopf (witches' head, or knob), in the interior of the township, "an isolated prominence on one of the ridges of the South Mountain. It affords an extensive view of the surrounding country, and having been regarded by the first German settlers, with superstitious awe, as the fancied scene of the witches revelries, has become a place of resort for pleasure parties.".

Northampton - Raubsville - Hexankopf Rock - The ghost of a headless hunter, ghosts of witches, strange lights & sounds have all been reported there.

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