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Christmas in PA

Courtesy of Phillip

as your about to see i take decorationg serously this year i have set up no less then three displays, and they are.

1. rocky ridge christmas magic, train display
2. train & light display fire the tree lighting t the firehouse
3. and of course my own house

on to the pics.
first is rocky ridge.

i helped set this layout up a provided all the lights on the display except whats on the trees.

now the firehouse display
these pics where taking on nov. 30 the night of the tree lighting. pics by my mother since i had to run the train.

i half to put a couple pics in of engine 504, the old 1956 ward lafrance been with the  dept. it's entire life and we all plan on keeping that way.


can't forget Ho Ho

these pics where taking by me after the festivities and where all staged timed exsposures

and on from earlier in the day

and now i need to take pics of my house.

alright got out tonight to take pics if the house and played with some settings on the camera that i formaly didn't know how to use i defenitly think these photos came out better then any previous year photos.  also keep inmind that i only have about half the lights out that i normaly put out do to the electric bill. :(   and also because i use some things at the other two afore mentioned places.

front overall veiw.

close up of the front yard.

detail veiw of the house front.

close up of the pond and brewery on the layout. note the bridge has lights and "Bud, Wise, & Earl" the budwiser frogs in front of the brewery.

side veiw of the layout lit up.

view from street corner.

spring ave side of house, the star is made by from rebar of different length decreasing in hiegth driving into ground then connecting the dots with lights.

my heard, i have eleven deer but only six got used this year. the other two ar at the firehouse. note the "pond"  made from lights.

close up of the farm with the 2d candycane to the left and the gumdrop trees on the back. oh and that's chains second house there in the bottem left of the pic. this is on the trolley line.

candycane fence from the house to rear driveway and the 3d rope light train. (couldn't get it to photogragh with a shit though) this area normaly would have alot more stuff but this year it got neglected.

looking at the rear driveway towards the house. the shed (off the photo to the left also got deprived of lights this year.

still need to get a pic of the right side of the house battery died just as i was getting ready to take the pic. (we all know what that's like right? :D


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