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Beury Building, North Philly


The Beury Building is an 112,000-square foot; 14-story building located at the intersection of Broad Street, Germantown and Erie Avenues in North Philadelphia. It dominates the skyline of the heavily traveled intersection known as Broad and Erie, and is listed on the National Historic Register and previously opened underground directly into the subway. It is in need of extensive renovation as it has been vacant for nearly 20 years. Originally, the National Bank of North Philadelphia, the building was constructed in 1926 and the National Register calls the building one of Philadelphia's more sophisticated examples of the Art-Deco style. In fact, it is the only Art-Deco building in Philadelphia outside of downtown.
It's completely gutted, the top three floors are falling in on itself, and it's in a major ghetto. There's a few vault's throughout that look cool and it's worth a stop but it only takes about an hour and a half to run through the entire building because it's so fucked up.
Here are some of my shots from last January.

Another e-mail sent in by our viewers.


My mother recently found you website Abandoned But Not Forgotten and was pleased to see that you had the Beury Building listed. We actually live in this neighborhood, 
and have known for some time that this building is on the National Historic Register. 
It also saddens us to know what a sorry state this building is in. We were happy that someone else felt that same way as well.
 We were not pleased to hear you call this neighborhood a "major ghetto". Where are you from? Do you know anything about the neighborhood or the city? 
Did you do any research on the neighborhood, and how you make the classification of when a place is just a ghetto, and when does it become a major ghetto? 
That was one of the most condescending things that I have ever heard, and for you to post that on a blog visited by people that don't know our city is irresponsible. 
If you wanted to call it anything you could have referred to it as one of the city's poorer neighborhoods. Not the ghetto that brings about all types of negative connotations. 
Once again I appreciate the fact that you acknowledged the building, but not the commentary.

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