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West Philly Church


On a cold, rainy, overcast Saturday in April, I visited this Catholic church in West Philadelphia. This wonderful inner-city church was built in 1905 and finally closed it's doors as a Roman Catholic Parish in 2000 due to the turnover in the neighborhood religious orientation.
Taking photos with a dingy grey-washed, cloudy sky isn't my ideal situation but the interiors washed away my dismay away (along with the cheesey thrill of smoking a doob and drinking a Coors on the pulpit of a Roman Catholic Church, me being Catholic). My father's cousin was married in this church when he was a kid and he remembers it fondy, as our clan grew up in Philly.
The school and rectory on the site are being refurbished and the Nun's dorms have been demolished. The site was purchased by an investment group and is under construction making way for the new renter, whatever religion that might be.


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