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Twin Tunnels, Downingtown, PA

These tunnels were featured on Americas Most Wanted. In the early 90's hunters came across a suitcase filled with a dismembered female body inside. Her ligaments were never found, just the torso. No suspects, motive or identification. Frank Bender was called in to replicate a face to this sad individual.
Other stories hover around this site. One that a woman named Mary hung herself between the bridges clutching her baby, that ultimately fell to its death. And if you park in the middle at night you can hear her.
The above railway is active while the other was discontinued in the late 70's. An active road scurries through on while a creek runs through the other. The third is walk able and dark as crap. You need a flashlight in broad daylight to get to the other side.

Credit goes to krush on the forums

The supposed spot where Mary hung herself

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