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Carbon County Jail

Jim Thorpe - Old Carbon County Jail. Inside is a handprint on the wall, left by former inmate. No matter how often they concrete over it, it returns. The Carbon County Jail house no longer is used as a prison. It is now a museum with public tours. You can actually see the cell, and the ghostly handprint affirming an innocence proclaimed over a century ago. 128 Broadway St., Jim Thorpe PA. After taking the tour you can look around the place but if you try to take a picture of the hand print they will escort you out.

  York - Abandoned York Prison/George St. - A very tall old brick building.  People have said that as you reach the second floor where the first cell block is located 2 or 3 ghosts follow you as you progress up the stairs.  You can also look down at the cells and see a red glow as though from a cigarette.  Many people are said to have committed suicide and have been murdered in this prison.



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