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New Jersey - Abandoned Houses

515 House - Abandoned

707 House - Abandoned

Abandoned and Burnt Motel in Ocean Township, New Jersey - Abandoned

Abandoned Homestead Near Layton NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned House and Old Car - Abandoned

Abandoned House in Camden, NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned House in Clifton - Abandoned

Abandoned House in Irvington, NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned House on Rt. 79 in Marlboro, New Jersey - Abandoned

Abandoned Houses in Lincoln Park NJ - Abandoned

Abandoned Lawyers Office - Abandoned

ABC House - Abandoned

Alexander Avenue House - Abandoned

Amityville - Abandoned

An Abandoned House In Ocean Township - Abandoned

Berdan Road Houses Wayne,NJ - Abandoned

Bubbling Springs House - Abandoned

Buick House - Abandoned

Echo Lake House - Abandoned

Fairfield House - Abandoned

Farmhouse - Abandoned

Frankford House - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

German Town Road Houses - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Hancock House of Hancocks Bridge, NJ - Historical

Hawthorne Boat House - Abandoned

High Point Park Houses - Abandoned

Hoffman Grove Wayne NJ - Abandoned (2 Links Inside - New Pics From 2012)

Houses on Green Pond Road - Abandoned

Indian Cabin NJ - Abandoned

Kerr Road House - Abandoned

KKK House - Abandoned

Lackawanna Dorms - Abandoned

Lincoln Park Houses - Abandoned

Magazine House - Abandoned

McCoy House - Abandoned (1 Link Inside)

Mining Camp - Abandoned

Mud Valley House - Abandoned

Oakland House - Abandoned

Palm Tree House - Abandoned

Pool House - Abandoned

Purgatory House - Burned Down (2 Links Inside)

Route 23 House - Abandoned

Sam's Maple Grove - Abandoned

Saxton Falls Allamuchy MT State Park Abandoned Houses and Dam Pictures  - Abandoned

Stag Hill Road House - Abandoned

Stockholme House - Abandoned

Stokes Rd. Abandoned Home - Abandoned

The Abandoned Yellow Wood House - Abandoned

The Chainsaw House - Abandoned

The Ghost Houses - Abandoned

The Midget House - Abandoned

NJ-Thunderclouds Trading Post- Abandoned

Watchung Reservation - Historical (1 Link Inside)

Water Street Farm, NJ - Abandoned

Waterloo Abandoned House - Abandoned

Weinman's Garden House - Abandoned


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