21st St. Vacant Factory- Abandoned

Abandoned House in Central Indiana - Abandoned

Abandoned Factory - Abandoned

Abandoned TB Hospital - Abandoned

Ambassador Apartments - Abandoned

Abandoned Strip Mall - Abandoned

Bush Stadium, Indianapolis IN

Butlerville High School - Abandoned

Central State Hospital for the Insane (2 Links Inside) - Abandoned

Dairy Queen - Abandoned

Dunes Bowl - Abandoned

Dixie Dairy - Abandoned

Edison Middle School  - Abandoned

Froebel School in Gary Indiana - Abandoned

Gary IN St Mary's Hospital - Abandoned

Horace Mann High School - Abandoned

House Fires in Indiana - Fires

Kingsbury - Abandoned

Kingsbury Army Ordinance in Indiana - Abandoned

Methodist Church - Abandoned

Paint Ball Arena - Abandoned

Post Office - Abandoned

Slovak Club IN - Abandoned

Social Security Office - Abandoned

Screw and Bolt Factory - Abandoned

Southern Indiana in Gibson County - Abandoned

Splashed Paint House - Empty


Standard Liquors - Abandoned

Studebaker Plant - Abandoned

The Peru, Indiana Five Star Store - Abandoned


Thunder Island - Abandoned

Washington Street Store Front - Abandoned

Winona Memorial Hospital - Abandoned

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